Area Rug Cleaning


It's time to bring your area rug back to its original splendor.

We understand that your oriental or Persian area rugs can be a major investment, similar to a work of art that appreciates in value with proper care and protection. Our experience and know-how will protect your investment in the long term. Our services will correct stains, soiling, and other damage so we can protect your investment by expertly deodorizing, applying stain guard protection, and moth proofing. It’s essentially a spa treatment for your valuable area rug and a great way to keep it in good condition to retain its value and visual appeal.

Rivers Edge specializes in cleaning and protecting delicate wool and silk, Persian, Indian, Chinese, and other oriental area rugs based on their specific weaves, fibers, and dyes. Our work is reinforced by our satisfaction guarantee and your area rugs are fully insured while in our possession. Our treatment methods are entirely delicate and attuned to the details of your valuable area rug. We are dedicated to rejuvenating your rug and pick-up and deliver it free of charge, leaving you satisfied with the process.

Rivers Edge offers:

  • Free pick-up and delivery
  • Roll and Re-laying service for heavy or difficult area rugs
  • Custom cut and designed under pad for area rugs
  • Apply Stain Guard protection available
  • Moth proofing
  • Deodorizing
  • Professional repair and re-fringe to restore older rugs *COMING SOON*



Measuring and Pre-Inspection

This helps us identify what problems your rug is facing, allowing us to meet your expectations. We guarantee accurate pricing.

Colour Test

This allows us to ensure all rugs are safely cleaned and that you get the best possible results.

Thorough Vacuuming

In this phase, we’ll remove damaging sand and grit from your carpet. Left unabated, these substances can cut fibres and shorten the life of your rug.

Treatment of Stubborn Spots

During this phase, every effort will made to remove troublesome spots, without damaging the rug or causing colour loss.


Rotary Shampoo

This gently agitates the carpet, safely suspending soil and leaving the rug truly clean and fresh.

Clear-Water Rinse and Extraction

This process is comparable to rinsing hair and ensures no sticky, dirt-attracting residue is left behind. All soil and detergents in the fibres are washed away.

Application of Protector

Our high-grade fabric protector gives your rug the ability to resist spots and stains.

Drying and Post-Clean Inspection

Now, your rug is inspected and hung up. Powerful air movers are used to speed the drying process. This prevents damage and “browning.”


Hand-Finished Fringes

This detangles, cleans, and restores softness and colour.

Wrapping for Storage or Delivery

Finally, all rugs are inspected, carefully vacuumed, and wrapped in heavy plastic or paper for storage and delivery.

Get your area rug cleaned the right way.

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